About the Company

ARNAVA Gemstone Jewelry has been a supplier to the specialist trade for over 20 years.
Numerous jewelry companies around the world carry our range. We specialize in high-quality gemstone jewelry in silver and gold. Due to our own production in India we are able to offer high quality at a very reasonable price. Since we purchase our stones directly from the mine and from the grinding shops worldwide, there are no unnecessary middlemen with us.

Quality and value are very important to us and have top priority for us. Each stone is examined before setting. The pieces of jewelery only leave our factory after a thorough quality check.

You will find well-known types of stone such as aquamarine, opal or tanzanite with us. But also exotic ones that not everyone has. Such as stichtite, tsavorite or chromium diopside. Of course, we also carry the coveted classics such as labradorite, moonstone, turquoise or lap lazuli. Or the well-known energy and healing stones such as larimar and sugilite. With more than 15,000 pieces of jewelry, the list could go on and on.

In our assortment you will find gemstone jewelry, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, real jewelry as well as women's jewelry, men's jewelry, rings, jewelry pendants or earrings. Earrings, bracelets and symbolic jewelery as well as precious stones, esoteric jewelery and minerals.

" you will find natural, handcrafted gemstone jewelry of high quality "

You can purchase gemstone jewelry from ARNAVA in our online shop or directly at the fair.
You can find us at all known jewelry trade fairs worldwide. We are represented at the Inhorgenta and the mineral days "The Munich Show" in Munich. You can also find us at INOVA or INTERGEM in Idar Oberstein. We are internationally present in Milan, Paris and Tucson USA. One of our favorite fairs, the "Mineral & Gem", takes place once a year in Sainte Marie aux Mines (France) and is a must for gemstone and mineral lovers.


The history of the company started back in the late nineties.

1998 ARNAVA has been established by globetrooter Christian Charan Grünert.
On one of his numerous journeys Christian quickly discoverd his passion for gemstones and decided already in early age to let a dream com true.

Christian set up his own jewelry company with the name ARNAVA.

He bought gemstones from all over the world directly from the countries of origin and processed them inexpensivley in to beautiful jewelry.

Obvisously a concept that hit the market.

ARNAVA quickly emerged as an insiders tip for gemstone jewelry worlwide. Clean and simple designs, good quality, atractive prices and a wide range and choice could convince the specialist  retailers right away.

ARNAVA made it self a name in GEMSTONE JEWELRY WHOLESALE. By participating in numerious of international trade fairs custermos of a wide range of countries could get convinced.

Today ARNAVA Jewelry is sold in more then 24 countries.

If you want to know more about the company choin our community and follow us on INSTAGRAM you will finde us there under the name: arnava.jewelry